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Brand & Identity Redesign
Catwalk is a leading Hair & Beauty Store and family-owned business based in Sydney Australia. It started as a Salon in Sydney in 2001 and later expanded into a hair & beauty supplies company and a professional salon.

20 years later they have a massive audience that visits their online store daily for their professional hair and beauty supplies.
Designing for a brand that sells and advertises other major brands can be challenging.

To create an identity system that doesn't overcome other brands' ad-media yet invites you to be engaging in the online shopping experience.

To make sure the new logo looks like an update to the previous identity and does not deviate too much so that it may confuse current customers (90K+).
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2001 - Previous Logo
An elegant type mark from the customized Gotham Rounded family. With a soft color palette and a minimal, feminine feel.
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Logo font - Gotham Rounded
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Feature/Headline Font - Abril Display
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Body/Content - Poppins & Muli (Web)
Color Palette
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Catwalk Red | #f71630
Call to action

A sharper touch to the previous red 'read: maroon' Add to bag button on Catwalk.com.au.

The Add to bag button remained red due to its strong familiarity with the customer's current shopping experience.
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Catwalk Teal | #92d0cc
Secondary call to action /
system info

Mango | #ffbe5b
Accent 2 and Free Gift

'Free Gifts with purchase' is one of the premium features of Catwalk. The ability to shop for and choose your own Free Gift is unique, so they wanted it to be easily recognizable across all media. Website, ads, and in-store.

We chose a soft yellow for its special quality of being attention-grabbing, yet not overwhelming or distracting.

To us, this represents happiness & gifting beautifully. To customers, this has been a great addition to their checkout process.
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Rose | #ffa9b2
Update in progress...