Creative collaboration

We’re not about design just looking great.
The design needs to fulfill a purpose.

We work with you and brainstorm about what you want to achieve with your business, scope out the exact objectives that need to do that, and create a custom design solution for the brand.

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B E    M A D

The age of the internet is different. It is 2022, a world full of creators, influencers, and go-getters. But all are mostly, self-taught. They mostly rely on existing applications and software to create their content.

But yours. is a business. Can’t be left to graphic designers that work on browsers.

That’s where we come in. We’re not about getting deliverables straightened to get our pockets filled.

We learn about you, your business, your goals, and your vision for your business. We pinpoint areas that need improvement. Is it marketing? Is it brand recognition? Is it social?  

Then we create a plan and scope out what needs to be done.

Logo / Brand / Identity Design

Branding is more than what a logo of the company looks like. Branding is about an experience that you want your audience to perceive. It’s a sum of all the emotions and feelings a person perceives within the vicinity of  – or interaction with – the brand (shop, check out, signage) throughout the day.

We at Madage thrive to create unique and memorable brands that people will love and engage with.

  • User research
  • User persona
  • Nameing
  • Logo
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Tone / Voice
  • Typography
  • Colour Palette
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Website Design / Ecommerce

Every brand that wants to grow understands the importance of its digital presence. If you’re still a business of bricks-n-mortar, you’re missing out!

Madage does not only create beautiful-looking websites but also websites that have the most efficient and seamless user experience and conversion.

  • User research
  • User persona
  • User journey mapping
  • Interface Design
  • Interface Design
  • Icon Design
  • Website Development
  • WordPress Website Design

Depending on the scope we also provide Content Writing, Copywriting, and On-page Search Engine Optimisation services.

From time to time, we also assist our clients on a recurring basis in managing and updating websites and store catalogs, creating promotional banners, email designs, and more.

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Marketing Media

Just building a brand and its website is not enough. The shop is open, the signage is up. But people don’t know what’s inside -yet.

It’s time to let people know you’re open for business.

Our creatives at Madage can help you advertise and market your brand and your message through various channels.

  • Billboard Design
  • Outdoor Signage
  • POS Media
  • Creative Ads
  • Social Media Graphic Design
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Print Media: Flyers, brochures, etc
  • Website Banner Ads
  • MISC Media

With help of our partner teams, we also provide our clients with Google, Facebook, and Amazon Ads management.

Let's create together


Human-centered design (HCD) is a widely used framework by designers and engineers. It’s a process of empathizing, understanding, and creating for and around a human’s needs and experiences.

Using this framework brings us close to our target audience and customers to create design solutions that actually make an impact.

An Idea is just an idea until planned an applied upon.